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The Wrestle Special

Nov 24, 2022

Following the tradition of Shawn Michaels being known as Mr. Wrestlemania, Travis sets out to crown a Mr. and Ms. Survivor Series by looking back at the history of the PPV and the performances throughout the 30+ years of the event. 

Nov 18, 2022

The computer AI Booker makes its return to finish some of wrestlings greatest unfinished storylines and character arcs. This time there are some absolutely legendary storylines that finally get a resolution including: the Samoa Joe Ninja Abduction storyline, the Who Pied Kevin Owens storyline, and we find out if Kizarny...

Nov 11, 2022

On March 28th 2006 Rumble Roses XX jiggled its way into retail stores. Now, 17 1/2 years later, Travis gives his thoughts on the weirdest pro wrestling video game ever.  

Nov 4, 2022

Once again, life had other plans for your regularly scheduled episode of The Wrestle Special,  so Travis is presenting you with the August 2022 episode of Wrestling Isn't, one of The Wrestle Special's Patreon exclusive shows. A cat pee warning is in effect for the entirety of this episode. You have been warned. 

Oct 28, 2022

With Halloween right around the corner, Travis answers the question "If the Invasion angle was a bag of candy after trick or treating, which members of the WCW/ECW Alliance would be which candy?" No one asked the question, but Travis answers it anyway.