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The Wrestle Special

Dec 21, 2018

Travis and a returning Iann Robinson discuss their wrestling predictions through 2028, look back on Sport's Review Wrestling 88's predictions though 1998, and decide to record a wrestling album that actually might probably happen. Among the predictions: Wrestlemania in space, Michael Jackson managing wrestlers in...

Dec 7, 2018

2003 was a landmark year for hip hop. Travis brings David Chimusoro on the show to convince him that Macho Man Randy Savage was the main reason for this. Was Be a Man the rap album of 2003? OHHH YEAHHH! 

Nov 23, 2018

Hip Hop and Wrestling have long enjoyed a crossover audience. Ted Beaver joins Travis to discuss the connections between rap and wrestling and talk WWF Aggression, who is Biggie and who is Tupac in the Mega Powers, and Ted plays "John Cena or Mumble Rapper".

Nov 9, 2018

Missy Hyatt is one of the most controversial and legendary figures in professional wrestling's history. Using her autobiography as a guide, Travis welcomes Tank Mansfield back to the show to see who can build the greatest stable from the wrestlers she's dated. Hyatt hotel puns were kept to a minimum.

Oct 26, 2018

In modern wrestling, gimmicks aren't a requirement. Some would even say the concept is antiquated. One gimmick type that has survived and thrived over the years are ones based in the occult! Meggie Baker returns to talk the best occult gimmicks, why they are so popular, and why THE WWE IS AN ILLUMINATI CULT OF DEMON...