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The Wrestle Special

Jul 26, 2019

Travis looks at WWE's greatest unsung heroes throughout the company's many eras! Yes, even the PG Era!

Jul 19, 2019

The episode Dana White doesn’t want you to hear! Travis brings on Matt Applegate to talk about the colliding worlds of pro wrestling and MMA. Should the UFC adopt low blows? What are the greatest MMA tag teams that will never exist? Throw on your most bejeweled Affliction tee and press play....The Wrestle Special...

Jul 12, 2019

Travis asks a computer AI if wrestling’s most infamous urban legends are true. No seriously. A robot answers his questions, and helps Travis shine light on the darkest depths of wrestling lore!

Jul 5, 2019

While there are many things that make up a great pro wrestler, there’s not an effective way to measure them. On this episode, Tim Daniel joins Travis on a quest to create the perfect pro wrestling statistic, and inadvertently create a few not so perfect ones too.