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The Wrestle Special

Aug 30, 2019

Travis buys 36 packs of WCW trading cards from '91 and brings his friend Maria on to the show to discuss why she hasn't watched wrestling in 30 years, why Scott Steiner is crush worthy only with long hair, and how pro wrestling unites us all! 

Aug 23, 2019

Travis tries to find 5 good things about Lex Luger, but only comes up with 4.5! 

Aug 16, 2019

Travis brings his wife Jess back on to the show to talk her passion, Plants! What ensues is a discussion about which plants would be best used as weapons in matches and a deep dive into the most plant like match type: The Buried (Planted) Alive Match!

Aug 9, 2019

In an effort to spread love and wrestling in the wake of senseless violence, Travis spotlights Dayton wrestlers and Rockstar Pro Wrestling.

Aug 2, 2019

Sex sells and pro wrestling is no exception! Travis brings on Josh Rosenthal to discuss wrestling’s best sexual gimmicks, who’s entrance music is best to make love to, and the first ever “Kama Sutra position or wrestling move” trivia game!